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UK Music Business Lawyer Mario Anastasiades makes a return to his roots, after 30 plus years as a Singer/Songwriter and guitarist, during our pandemic 2020/21 Lockdown. 


Mario was originally signed in the 90’s to BMG on a Worldwide record Deal for his first album with his group the "Latin Touch" joining forces with top fabulous Flamenco Guitarist Tito Heredia, who played with the great "Paco de Lucia".


Tracks from their “FIESTA” album featured in many Films, TV Commercials and TV Shows in UK & Europe and other parts of the World, including ITV, BBC TV “Pebble Mill”, “The Series “El Dorado” the Film "Just Like A Woman" and sell out UK Tours. Mario’s follow up album, “Mario & The Latino MA” featured in US Films and TV including “Ugly Betty”, the Film “Pedro”, “Burn Notice” and many more.


The return to the music bug struck again in 2018 after Mario was invited to the China-UK Music Summit in Beijing to give a talk on current music business issues and IP.      Coincidently at the time, members holding the convention found out that Mario used to be part of the “Latin Touch” and asked him to perform in front of the main media, including TV, Press and Radio Stations of Beijing. His live performance was very well received and aired to 500,000 in China - which in turn re-ignited Mario’s singing career. 


Mario’s latest romantic single is entitled “NOTHING LIKE IT”, a song dedicated to his wife Maria. His heartfelt performance takes you through an uplifting journey, encompassing the very essence of romance and emotion. There’s absolutely Nothing Like It, which in turn will hopefully be aired to radio listeners, who share an experience similar to Mario and Maria.

Mario Anastasiades


Forever & Ever

Nothing Like It

Seize The Moment

You've Been Loved

Heavenly Star


My Love Mario & The Latino MA



                   Mario Anastasiades

  China-UK Music Summit in Beijing Concert

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